Pocahontas Studies and Analysis Links

Fascinating scholarly riffs on the sociological significance of Pocahontas or her myth, from various perspectives.

Pocahontas: Savior or Savage?
Surfin' the Net: Pocahontas
Pocahontas and Race,etc.
Pocahontas and Miscegenation
Pocahontas: Icon at the Crossroads
Sexuality and the Invasion of America: 1492-1806
In Pocahontas' Footsteps
The Tempest and the Bermuda Shipwreck of 1609
Pocahontas, From Fiction to Fact: Using Disney's Film to Teach the True Story
POCAHONTAS, Truth and Myth
From La Belle Sauvage to the Noble Savage
The Reburial Controversy: