Portraits of many of the personages important in Pocahontas' life. Pictures of the Powhatan Indians. There are no photos, kids, because photography wasn't invented until 200 years later. The pictures were all drawn by artists. In many cases, the oldest surviving pictures are engraved prints. This is true of the portrait of Pocahontas. Unfortunately, no portrait of John Rolfe was made during his lifetime, so his portraits here are modern educated guesses.

Images of Pocahontas

Pocahontas Engraving
Pocahontas Oil Portrait
Tinted Pocahontas Engraving
Henrico County, Virginia----Four Faces of Pocahontas
Modern Pocahontas Oil Painting
Pocahontas Statue, Pocahontas, Iowa
Pocahontas Statue, Gloucester County, VA
Pocahontas Statue, Jamestown, VA
Find A Grave
The Marriage of Pocahontas
1616 Princess Pocahontas and husband John Rolfe come to England
Baptism of Pocahontas
Jessica's Pocahontas Stamp

Images of Englishmen Important to Pocahontas

John Smith Engraving
King James I Engraving
Raleigh Engraving
Tinted Smith Engraving
John Rolfe, performed by Dick Cheatham
John Rolfe, probably a movie still

Images of Powhatan Indians and Similar Tribes

John White Watercolors and De Bry Engravings originally painted at the "Lost Colony" of Roanoake, but later adapted as images of Powhatan Indians.
De Bry Copper Plate Engravings mostly based on John White watercolors of Indians near the Roanoake Colony, used as illustrations of Powhatans.
Jamestown Images

The Art of Disney's Pocahontas

Walt Disney Pocahontas Clipart
Images - Pocahontas II - Journey to the New World

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